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Odin’s Faithful Guard Wolf Ring

Odin’s Faithful Guard Wolf Ring

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Unleash the power of Odin with the ODIN’S FAITHFUL GUARD WOLF Ring!
This ornate ring is the perfect way to bring your passions and faith to life.
Crafted from high-quality alloy, this intricate design depicts a fierce wolf that stands guard over your finger, reminding you of Odin and all his followers' strength, courage, and resilience. Tap into your wild side and honor the Norse pantheon with this one-of-a-kind ODIN’S FAITHFUL GUARD WOLF Ring!

The wolf is a universal symbol of personal power, freedom, and autonomy. In Romanian lore, the Wolf is the only creature who can see demons no matter how hard they try to conceal themselves. Interestingly, wolves have also been observed to have a highly developed “sixth sense.”

Surface Width: 7.5mm


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