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Dice Throne (Random Color)

Dice Throne (Random Color)

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This unique and versatile dice chair prison is a must for any dice game. This chair has an indent for your dice to sit in.
Punish those pesky dice, they'll learn their lesson ASAP in the chair of shame!

There are 6 types of chairs to choose from, corresponding to D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20. You can also choose a blank universal chair.

This little dice jail is a great accessory for any tabletop game

For standard size dice and other dice up to 24mm in diameter

Full Table Fun: Next time your dice roll bad again for everyone's entertainment, get out our chairs and hats and have the last laugh!

GREAT GIFT: Great as a prank gift for a friend who is always underperforming! Or just as a gift to yourself.

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